Marte is a graffiti’s artist, his main passion, in this field, are letters and the landscapes.

Born in Milan in 1982, at a very young age he discovered the world of hip hop and graffiti, starting his career in the classic “wild style”. Then, in 2012, he began to study the 3D style.

Due to his experience and precision, he worked for several clients, such as companies, entrepreneurs and interior designers. He also partecipated in many international festivals of Graffiti and Street Art around Europe, North and South America.

In 1996 founded the crew Nuclear 1, with this crew he started to create tematic walls.

In the summer of 2014 he began a study on liquids’ lights and movements which carried him in a new stage: the letters became solids with cocktails inside, sometimes with straws, cocktail umbrellas, ice and bubbles.

Later, during his first trip in Brazil, he added fruit to his pieces, so as a result, his style was defined by some writers and street artists “Caipirinha Style”.

The idea of mixing letters and objects was wider than cocktails and fruit, even earlier. He had already studied different topics and techniques, inserting symbols inside of the structure of the letters and not outside of them, as usually in graffiti’s world. So the letters became fruit, cactus, wood, cafè, metals, desserts and so on.

Therefore, he started other projects that distanced him from letters towards landscapes, characterized by a very personal style.

At the same time his fruit’s illustrations obtained a positive outcome by the public, so the letters disappeared and it started to be submitted walls with just fruit.

However, the letters continued to be appreciated and portrayed with illustrations giving Marte more commission jobs.

Lately he started to create deeper meanings works, linked to his experiences and his trips. Indeed, in various works he expressed topics about immigration, illustrating different cultures and ethnies discraminated despite their great culture.

Then he added an additional recognizable detail of his works: a framework inside his pieces that followed the outline of his drawings, in a different color.
This concept belongs to Marte’s “free” graffiti and has been used in commisioned works for luxury flats, companies, shops etc.